Kunden erhalten von ALEADON Beratern die ersten Ergebnisse vom Management Audit und Eignungsdiagnostik der Führungskräfte

Management Diagnostics

The ALEADON Management Diagnostics is carried out exclusively by certified consultants and is tailored to the diagnostics of managers. Through the proven combination of the individual tools of the ALEADON HR management portal and our many years of experience, we can specifically identify the potential of people for a defined area of ​​responsibility such as commercial management, board positions, sales management, technical management or similar responsibilities. Our proven assessment process with transparent evaluation gives you a manifest statement of whether the corresponding potential and suitability of the selected people is available or can be developed to ensure future leadership.

Your company success depends heavily on your employees and the managers, therefore a management diagnosis for managers represents an investment in the future of your company. Do not leave the selection of your managers to chance or the subjective assessment of people from your company, but rather trust the tried and tested ALEADON Management Diagnostics from our experienced consultants.

Our approach to management diagnostics differs significantly from the methods of competitors, such as the classic assessment center or standardized aptitude tests. Our management diagnostics initially include the definition of the positioning of your management or executives and the definition of the necessary competencies. We create an individual task and competence profile for your future managers and can access 80 scientifically and practically relevant skills from our competence analysis.

All analysis instruments from ALEADON have been specially created for practice-oriented personnel development and personnel selection. The combination of the results of our analysis tools and many years of expertise in “Leadership and People Development” forms the basis for an objective decision-making basis with regard to the potential and suitability of people.

Avoid costly misplacement of external new hires or internal appointments to managers and trust our expertise in the field of management diagnostics, personnel selection, personnel development and leadership training.

ALEADON Management Diagnostics include:

Individual interviews with experienced consultants
Evaluation of a preference analysis
Evaluation of an interview analysis
Detailed presentation of results
Clear recommendations related to leadership potential