Frau am Flipchart beim Inhouse Seminar

In-house leadership training and team building

All In-House Seminars for leadership training and team building are designed by experienced and certified consultants and can be adapted to the individual business needs of our customers.

Leadership training with focuses on strengths and competencies

In everyday professional life, managers repeatedly come up against various challenging situations that require different skills and preferences. With our leadership training, we help participants recognise areas of potential, preferences, and employee competences, and to then make use of the existing strengths in a target-oriented way, based on requirements. This results in a long-term increase in motivation among employees, and in them identifying with the company. During our In-House leadership training, participants also learn which skills should be present or need to be developed for a position with responsibility for staff.

The following questions are considered:

What methods are there for identifying employees' potential?
How do you increase the success of the team and the motivation of your employees?
How do you improve transfer of knowledge within the company?
What methods and behaviour are necessary for collaboration based on strengths?
What is more effective: developing skills that are lacking or making use of existing capabilities?

Increasing the team’s performance by understanding preferences

Do you want to improve collaboration within your company? In order to do this, you must first identify the different preferences throughout your organisation. Not every talented employee is a “creative implementer”, for example, or wants to assume responsibility for staff members. Knowing employees’ preferences helps to understand how team members complement each other optimally, whether for sales tasks, back-office duties or other tasks.

Everyone has their own preferences. These should be known to managers, and should be taken into consideration as much as possible in the day-to-day working environment. During our In-House leadership training and team building seminar, we discuss the preferences of participants and the different preference types in detail. This way, we create the foundation for increasing team performance.

The following questions are discussed:

How is a team put together in the best possible way?
What preferences do participants have?
How can conflicts within a team be resolved or avoided?
How can team performance be increased?
What goals motivate the team?

Digital Leadership

This in-house leadership training was designed for managers that needs new stimuli to adapt their own leadership style and behaviour patterns to current developments and changing conditions. Our In-house Seminar offers participants the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership behaviour, receive clear recommendations for digital leadership, optimise existing management tools, and develop their own strengths. Participants become aware of new thinking and behaviour patterns, exchange experiences, and receive valuable feedback.

The focus is on the following questions:

How do you successfully practise change and innovation management?
What impact does digitisation have on leadership?
What are your personal preferences, and what motivates you?
How can individual skills be developed efficiently?
What advantages are offered by digital leadership that focuses on strengths?