Person im Rekrutierungsprozess erklärt die Personalauswahl sowie Potenzialanalysen mit Hilfe seines Fingers

Recruiting process + Objective selection

Interview analysis for an effective and efficient recruiting process

Professionalize your recruiting process through more objectivity in personnel selection

No matter which recruitment tools are used in the recruiting process, most companies make the decision between the applicants following the interview. The focus here is on comparing the profile created for each position with the candidate’s qualifications and abilities. However, every human resource manager is aware that no one involved in the process can guarantee absolute objectivity. It is therefore important to create the greatest possible comparability between applicants and the requirements profile as well as between different candidates. Here the interview profiles from ALEADON offer the perfect solution.

Objective assessment during the job interview – an (almost) unsolvable task

As we know from assessment centers and other recruitment procedures, each observer in the recruiting process assesses the underlying evaluation criteria differently. This is based on personal experience and different personality analyses. Interviews, in particular, require a prior definition of the job profile as well as the determination of the evaluation criteria that determine it. To guarantee true objectivity and neutrality candidates should therefore be compared on this very basis. The value-free and objectively created ALEADON candidate profiles offer extremely valuable support.

Recruiting process with competence assessment at the highest level

The ALEADON interview competence profiles enable a neutral and meaningful comparison of your applicants. Thus, you are protected from subjective interpretations of competencies as well as the danger of risking an expensive error of recruitment. The competence categories are based on recognized scientific methods. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to rate the personal impression of your applicants according to the same criteria.

The ALEADON interview analysis – the professional tool for your personnel selection

In the interview analysis, the results are subdivided into different competence areas, which reflect the respective degree of the evaluations. The ALEADON interview analysis professionalises your recruiting process and reliably supports HR decision makers in identifying the best candidates on the basis of the respective competence and requirement profile. Thus, you not only reduce your operational fluctuation, but at the same time increase the effectiveness of your team through well-founded personnel decisions as well as accurately fitting new appointments.

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Single Profile

Interview analysis single profile

Objectivity in the application process and evaluation of job interviews

Create an interview analysis based on ready-made profiles. Choose between our standard profiles for administration, executives and management or create your own job-related requirement profiles as individual templates with just a few mouse clicks. These support your recruitment process and offer an objective assessment of job interviews. The applicants will be evaluated by selected participants from your company.

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Comparison Profile

Interview analysis comparison profile

Employee recruitment in objective comparison

The interview comparison profile consists of at least two existing individual profiles and compares immediately the results of the selected candidates. In the final selection of several candidates in the process, the ALEADON comparison analysis creates objective conditions for your personnel decision. Finally, the objectivity of the evaluations is the key to the accurate and successful filling of the vacant position.

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Benefits at a glance
The interview analysis provides you with objective and meaningful information about your applicants from the evaluation categories:
Personal impression
Methodical and technical competence
Emotional and Personality Competence
Communication and social skills
Personnel management skills
Corporate governance competence
Template for the evaluation of candidates for administration with 4 evaluation categories
Template for the evaluation of candidates for executives with 5 evaluation categories
Template for the evaluation of candidates for management with 6 evaluation categories
Create your own templates for your recruiting process individually and select from 60 evaluation categories
Comparative analysis of applicants immediately available
Easy to use
100% data protection and data security