Die Geschäftsführung von ALEADON bespricht am iPad die Tools Personalauswahl, Potenzialanalysen, Präferenzanalyse und die allgemeine Möglichkeit von Personalentwicklung sowie Personalmotivation

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+ Holistic thinking
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Preference analysis

Strength-oriented deployment of personnel as a strategic instrument in your company

Personal preferences determine people’s thinking and acting patterns. Our preference analysis makes it possible to clarify individual core characteristics and to evaluate the personal communication behaviour and conduct of your employees or entire teams. Therefore, the benefits of reliable preference analyses are known across companies, and the ALEADON preference analysis in particular has proven to be extremely meaningful, understandable and effective in practice.

Preference profiles and results at a very fair price

The ALEADON preference analysis for individuals, teams and task profiles is a universally applicable and extremely effective tool for your successful human resources management. In addition, it is cost-effective with a full range of services in market comparison, making it attractive to use even for small and medium-sized businesses. Increase the performance of your employees and your teams by knowing their preferences, because personality traits are the best indicators of the direction in which the greatest career development opportunities exist. This creates a strategic advantage in terms of effectiveness and corporate culture.

ALEADON preference analysis assists you in identifying those topics that are inherent to your employees, applicants and teams. Likewise, you can see from the respective profile which areas correspond less to personal inclinations. This allows you a very effective distribution of tasks and personnel planning.

Scientifically sound results with a high degree of practical relevance

The ALEADON preference analysis and preferences are based on scientific findings in psychology, business education and sociology. The four basic preferences are visualised in the colours red, blue, green and orange. The colours were determined due to the psychological effect on humans.

The personal preferences of the participants will be determined by a selection of 23 categories within approximately 20 to 30 minutes and represented by four different colours. The result is directly available.

Red stands for creative, risk-taking and visionary preferences
Blue stands for rational, logical and analytical preferences
Green stands for reliable and quality-conscious preferences
Orange stands for interpersonal and communicative preferences

The analysis does not include questions of competence or knowledge. Accordingly, its results convey no value assessment and ideally support the participant’s self-perception.

Optional preferential analysis with and without self-assessment, team profile and task profile

Depending on the application, the ALEADON preference analysis can be carried out in three different variants. The single profile with or without self-image always forms the basis for the team or task profile.

Zeichen für User
Single Profile

Preference analysis single profile:

After starting the analysis, the basic preferences of the participating people are determined by a selection of 23 question categories and the result is immediately available upon completion.

In the self-assessment selection, the participant still has the opportunity to conduct a self-assessment of the preferences. The result shows a comparison of subjective self-perception and the objective analysis of a scientifically sound analysis tool.

Zeichen für Teams
Team Profile

Preference analysis team profile:

The team profile consists of at least two existing individual profiles and represents the preference characteristics of a team.

The insights gained from this preference analysis team profile serve the lasting improvement of the entire team performance as well as the basis of sustainable team building. This allows you to use your teams extremely effectively and thus to increase the performance. At the same time, you create lasting motivation in the team.

Zeichen für Tasks
Task Profile

Preference analysis task profile:

The task profile consists of a template that you have created yourself, which reflect the preferences of a particular job or function as the requirement profile of your company. You can then compare the task profile with individual profiles. The result includes a comparison of the matches from the individual profiles with the presentation of the task profile. This evaluation guarantees optimum comparability and represents a highly practical and at the same time extremely reliable tool for HR work.

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Benefits at a glance
The preference analysis provides you with objective and meaningful information about the personal inclinations and interests of individuals or entire teams.
Strength-oriented personnel deployment through a sound understanding of preferences
Increase team performance
Objective comparison of individual profiles with a self-created requirement profile
Analysis with and without self-assessment possible
Avoidance of conflict potential
Promotion of holistic ways of thinking and acting
Team profile based on individual evaluations available immediately
Easy to use
100% data protection and data security