Geschäftsführung von ALEADON erklärt einem Kunden am Computer Möglichkeiten von Personalentwicklung mit den Tools der Kompetenzanalyse und Potenzialanalysen

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Competence analysis

The ALEADON tool for successful skill management

Targeted staff management is based on knowledge of the skills and experience of your staff. A competence analysis reflects the current status of participants, for the internal replacement of vacant positions as well as for the evaluation of employees or entire teams. In doing so, a corresponding analysis is recommended for determining the skills and suitability of your staff as well as for the occupation of future key positions in your company.

Determination of the core skills as well as the training and coaching needs

The clear and efficient online solution is based on scientifically grounded findings and extensive practical testing. In addition to various pre-defined (standard profiles), the ALEADON competence analysis offers the option to create a new profile according to your own ideas. Matching the skills identified in the analysis with the selected profile will reveal both matches and discrepancies. Subsequent to skills management, for example, it is possible to use the most pronounced skills in an entrepreneurial manner and to effectively and purposefully improve the challenges posed by seminars, training or coaching. On one hand, this represents an entrepreneurial decision with regard to the future individual development of employees and, on the other hand, a boost in motivation for the respective participant.

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Single Profile

Competence analysis as a single profile with and without self-assessment

Create an analysis based on ready-made profiles for administrative, executive and management employees. Or create your own skills template for functions in your company. You can easily make a selection from the skills catalogue, which includes over 80 skills, and save it as a template. Select the participants as well as the input providers and start the analysis. As a result, you will receive a meaningful evaluation regarding the competences of your employees and/or coachee. The integrated self-assessment allows the participant to compare their self-image with the perception of the professional environment.

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Team Profile

Competence analysis as a team profile

The team profile is immediately available and consists of at least two existing individual profiles, representing the skills characteristics of a team. The result of the analysis illustrates the scientifically grounded distribution of skills within the team. This ensures that a healthy balance of the required skills is available in the respective team or can be achieved through targeted further education and training measures. In addition, the competences of the individual participants of the team are presented in a clearly arranged table.

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Benefits at a glance
The skills analysis offers you objective and informative information about the skills of the participants. The following skills categories are available:
Technical skills
Methodical skills
Social skills
Personal skills
Communicative skills
Emotional skills
Personnel management skills
Corporate governance skills
Template for the assessment of administrative skills with 6 skills categories
Template for the assessment of executive skills with 7 skills categories
Template for the assessment of management skills with 8 skills categories
Create your own competence analysis templates individually and choose from 80 skills
Team profile based on individual evaluations available immediately
Easy to use
100% data protection and data security