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Personnel & potential analysis

Perfect talent management and personnel selection based on ALEADON potantial analysis

Due to their multiple applicability, field-proven ALEADON personnel analyses find application fields in personnel management, in potential diagnostics and also in the recruitment process.

Suitable candidate selection through efficient suitability and potential analysis

 An efficient personnel analysis lays the foundation for your successful recruiting process. Studies show that a valid prediction for the future performance of an applicant after a job interview is just 35 percent. This vividly demonstrates the importance of a professional process for finding people. Aptitude diagnostics with potential analysis tools avoids costly new hire processes and makes it easier for you to make personnel decisions based on differentiated and objective criteria. With the individual solutions from ALEADON you will find the most suitable candidates to fill your vacant positions, on both a personal and professional level. Put future employees and executives in an objective comparison and always make the right choice.

Potential analysis of your employees through well-founded personnel analysis

Do you want to identify the skills and individual preferences of your employees and develop their full potential? Then use the scientifically based online analysis tools from ALEADON and motivate your employees with meaningful individual and team profiles. Sustainable HR management within your company motivates your employees and professionalises your HR work. Especially the measurable practical relevance ensures the interest and motivation of your employees and enables the recognition of undetected potentials.

ALEADON Icon für Präferenzanalyse
Preference analysis
Die Geschäftsführung von ALEADON bespricht am iPad die Tools Personalauswahl, Potenzialanalysen, Präferenzanalyse und die allgemeine Möglichkeit von Personalentwicklung sowie Personalmotivation

Preference analysis:

The ALEADON preference analysis enables you to carry out a strength-oriented task distribution and thus to optimise the deployment of personnel. Furthermore, the team performance can be increased by an understanding of preferences.

In addition, recruitment preference analysis helps you by creating a job profile or task profile and comparing the results of potential candidates with the job profile at the push of a button, so you can see directly which people fit the job profile.


Icon ALEADON Interviewanalyse
Interview analysis
Person im Rekrutierungsprozess erklärt die Personalauswahl sowie Potenzialanalysen mit Hilfe seines Fingers

Interview analysis:

The ALEADON interview analysis helps you to optimise the application process by comparing your requirement profile objectively with the impressions from the job interview. You will receive a meaningful candidate profile according to relevant assessment categories.

Find the right candidate by comparing the results profiles of your candidates and making an informed choice of candidates.


ALEADON Logo für Kompetenzanalyse
Skills analysis
Geschäftsführung von ALEADON erklärt einem Kunden am Computer Möglichkeiten von Personalentwicklung mit den Tools der Kompetenzanalyse und Potenzialanalysen

Skills analysis:

ALEADON skills analysis is based on skills of the scientific competence model as well as on occupation- and personality-related competence categories.

The results of the skills analysis enable the identification of individual strengths as well as the promotion of weaker skills areas. The integrated self- and third-party assessment forms a holistic approach and sustainably supports individual personnel development as the basis for your company’s success.


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