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Talent management + Personnel development

Personen schauen sich die Präferenzanalyse von ALEADON an

Preference analysis

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Feedback system

Personen mit Notebook diskutieren die Kompetenzanalyse von ALEADON

Competence analysis

Talent management

Targeted career planning based on the skills and abilities of your employees

Talent management is one of the pillars of modern business. Exploiting the potential of the employees creates innovation, personal identification and sustainable motivation. Above all, this means fitting each person according to their inclinations and competencies exactly where they can develop their full potential. But how do you really find out what the capacity of each individual employee is, in order to make use of it? Here, ALEADON’s talent management software offers the perfect solution with scientifically sound analyses.

To increase personal performance and motivation, ALEADON has developed a meaningful feedback system. This guarantees holistic talent management and is suitable both for a one-time use as stocktaking of the status quo, as well as above all as a basis for both in-depth feedback discussions and long-term staff development.

Holistic talent management from a single source: ALEADON feedback system, preference and skills analysis

Comprehensive talent management is characterised by the use of various HR-specific tools that analyse and demonstrate the skills and preferences of your employees. This is becoming increasingly important, above all because of demographic change, because missing “talents” can no longer simply be identified and hired in the market. The “War of Talents” requires holistic talent management with the employees who are already employed in the company and should be supported.

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Preference analysis
Personen besprechen die Präferenzanalyse von ALEADON stehend am iPad.

Preference analysis:

Preference analyses are an integral part of modern human resources management. The ALEADON preference analysis illustrates individual core characteristics and is also designed to evaluate internal and external communication behaviour.

The analysis can be used variably for individuals and entire teams. The classification of preferences is based on scientific findings from sociology, psychology and business education. It is available online in different variants.

Icon ALEADON Feedbacksystem
Feedback system
Zwei Personen im Personalgespräch und Einsatz ALEADON Personalmanagement Software

Feedback system

Contemporary talent management, motivated employees and targeted personnel development – all part of modern HR management. This is made possible by a professional and user-friendly feedback system that you can use according to your needs and expectations.

The ALEADON talent management software provides you with four different options for targeting the information you need for successful organisational and personnel development.

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Skills analysis
Personen mit Notebook ALEADON Kompetenzanalyse

Skills analysis

ALEADON online skills analysis allows you to determine the skills of your staff once and use the results in a clear evaluation targeted for your talent management.

The analysis can be used variably with self- and external assessment and also for teams. There are more than 80 skills to choose from. Our software also allows you to create your own skills analysis or simply use the standard templates for your talent management.

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Benefits at a Glance
Professional and holistic talent management through scientifically sound analysis methods
Assignment of task areas in accordance with individual preferences and competences
Motivation of employees through individual analysis procedures and personal development paths
Exploiting the full potential of your employees
Minimising the impact of demographic change (skills shortage)
100% data protection and data security