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Personnel Selection

Zwei Personen im Rekrutierungsprozess mit der ALEADON Recruiting Software

Interview analysis

Personen schauen sich die Präferenzanalyse von ALEADON an

Preference analysis

Personnel selection tools

Staff selection software – make the right choice

Modern personnel selection requires more than the right gut feeling. Rather, scientifically sound comparability has become an indispensable component of professional staff selection. With its personnel selection software for e-recruiting, ALEADON offers the effective instrument for objective and sustainably successful personnel selection.

ALEADON interview and preference analysis for optimal staffing in your company

Whether you are planning to fill a position internally or to expand your HR by external applicants – the actual job interview is usually the central element in terms of your personnel selection. In order to ensure the highest possible objectivity here, the support of personnel selection software is required. ALEADON interview analysis is based on scientifically derived skills and ensures that a comparison of different applicants is objective and according to the same criteria, thus generating the best possible candidate in order to support your company sustainably.

The ALEADON preference analysis represents the personal inclinations of potential new employees. From this it can be deduced in which occupational areas a person will act most successfully. It has already been proven in many studies that motivation and performance are highest if your work area suits you and corresponds to your own preferences. To ensure this, staff selection software provides significant support. The result of an individual’s preference analysis is created in the form of a single profile, which can then be directly compared with the requirement profile of the position online. A comparison of several individuals with the requirement profile is also possible and the result shows the best possible candidate for the vacant position according to your requirements.

Icon ALEADON Interviewanalyse
Interview analysis
Zwei Personen befinden sich im Vorstellungsgespräch

Personnel selection via ALEADON interview analysis

The interview analysis can be done on the basis of prefabricated profiles or own templates. The interviews are evaluated by selected participants so that the expertise of the individuals involved in the casting process remains relevant. Customers value the use of this traceable recruitment software and the associated objectivity in the selection process.

ALEADON Icon für Präferenzanalyse
Preference analysis
Personen besprechen die Präferenzanalyse von ALEADON stehend am iPad.

Personnel selection via ALEADON preference analysis

Using an online selection, the preferences of the participating people are determined and presented as a single profile(s). The task profile consists of a template that you have created that compares the preferences assigned to a particular function to at least one existing single profile. The insights gained from this matching guarantee the best possible occupation for your company.

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Benefits at a glance
Professional personnel selection through scientifically sound analysis methods
Assignment of task areas/job profiles in accordance with individual preferences
Acceptance of all participants through comprehensible and verifiable decision-making
Reduce the risk of costly new hire process through our personnel selection software
Clear layout, a user-friendly structure and simple handling make it possible to use the ALEADON tools even in small and medium-sized companies
100% data protection and data security