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Personnel motivation

Mann mit Computer ALEADON Mitarbeiterbefragung

Employee Survey

Personen schauen sich die Präferenzanalyse von ALEADON an

Preference analysis

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Feedback system

Personnel motivation

The ALEADON online solutions: personnel motivation, developing staff potential, strengthening your corporate culture

Personnel motivation is most important for companies. Generation Y in particular attaches great importance to gaining recognition through their work and being informed transparently about the internal processes. Motivating and retaining employees is one of the great recipes for entrepreneurial success, because the changes in demographic change require modern and future-oriented personnel management.

Personnel motivation as a basis for first-class performance

ALEADON offers the right online solutions from a single source. Strengthen the satisfaction of your employees, increase personnel motivation and consolidate your corporate culture with professional tools for your personnel work.

As an effective tool for increasing the motivation of your employees, ALEADON offers three different online tools: the variable employee survey system, the proven preference analysis and the meaningful feedback system.

Icon ALEADON Befragungssystem
Employee Survey
Person vor Computer Online-Befragung

Survey to measure satisfaction

The ALEADON employee survey is a highly appropriate tool to gain both valuable company insights and employee satisfaction, as well as sustainably motivating your employees. The survey is widely accepted in practice because it is contemporary, user-friendly and clearly arranged.

Employees complete the entire free survey online and submit their ratings using a smiley system, which receives extremely positive feedback in times of digital text messages and emoticons. Your HR management thus offers a perfect symbiosis between simple feasibility and well-founded analyses and results.

ALEADON Icon für Präferenzanalyse
Preference analysis
Personen besprechen die Präferenzanalyse von ALEADON stehend am iPad.

Preference analysis

Modern HR management uses preference analysis as the basis for well-founded talent management, to increase individual performance and will therefore motivate its employees. The ALEADON preference analysis illustrates personal core characteristics and evaluates the internal and external communication behaviour.

The preference analysis can be used either for individuals or entire teams. The classification of preferences is based on scientific findings from sociology, psychology and business education. ALEADON offers different variants online to choose from. The individual analysis with and without self-assessment of the personal preferences, the analysis as a team profile to show the importance of different inclinations and interests for the company and the analysis compared to a job profile.

Icon ALEADON Feedbacksystem
Feedback system
Zwei Personen im Personalgespräch und Einsatz ALEADON Personalmanagement Software

Feedback system

Are you looking to motivate your employees and at the same time promote your goal-oriented talent management? Then the professional and user-friendly feedback system from ALEADON will support you. You can easily perform performance assessments online and get a meaningful picture of your employees.

The tried-and-tested feedback system already includes a standardised complete solution that demonstrates both personal strengths and potential for improvement. This enables you to use skills in a targeted manner and to tackle areas of optimisation through training measures. The ALEADON online solution offers you the choice between four different feedback variants.

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Benefits at a glance
Professional and holistic talent management through scientifically sound analysis methods
Assignment of task areas in accordance with individual preferences and competences ensures sustained staff motivation
Using a professional feedback tool will sustainably strengthen your corporate culture
Exploiting the full potential of your employees
Motivation of employees through individual analysis procedures and personal development paths
Clear structure, a user-friendly structure and simple handling make it possible to use the ALEADON tools even in small and medium-sized companies
100% data protection and data security