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Individual solutions

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Management diagnostics

Inhouse-Seminar für Führung und Leadership & Verbesserung der Teamleistung

Inhouse seminars

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Individual Solutions

ALEADON: Our professional solutions for management & potential diagnostics and human resources management

Demands on executives are steadily increasing. Work processes are becoming increasingly complex and the work and business field more international. The amount of decisions a manager has to make has multiplied in recent years. Often, they have to be made under enormous time pressure, sometimes even simultaneously. Not surprisingly, managing such complex tasks requires a highly motivated and committed workforce.

But how can you best occupy the responsible position of an executive if it is vacant? How do you ensure that your management team is optimally prepared for the challenges? Here we can support you competently and with the use of our software. So, we do not take over “Headhunting”, but help you with our management & potential diagnostics to individually select and use the right personnel. In addition, we offer various in-house seminars, specially designed for your needs, including profiles or evaluations of our personnel analyses for the seminar participants. Furthermore, we are constantly expanding our network and certifying customers and consultants on the use of our products, so that the quality of implementation can be guaranteed.

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Free webinars
Leadership Beratung

Free webinars for digital human resource management

Each of our online tools can be tested free of charge once. In addition, we offer our customers a well-founded employee survey and a crisis survey on Covid-19 free of charge. Simply register and start right away! Our web portal is designed so that you do not need any personal support! There are of course different online help options available. In addition, we offer free webinars in the areas of personnel selection, personnel development and talent management, personnel motivation and leadership every first Friday of the month.

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Management Diagnostics
Management Diagnostik von ALEADON im Einsatz

Management diagnostics for the highest demands

The ALEADON aptitude and potential diagnostics are specially designed for the diagnostics of executives. It enables the analysis of whether people for defined functions such as CEO, CFO, COO or Manager/Department management are the optimal choice for the position. When conducting management diagnostics, we use our field-proven online tools and perform fully structured interviews.

Benefits at a glance
Use of our proven software for aptitude diagnostics
Professional interviews by our experienced consultants
Detailed results presentation
Clear recruiting recommendations
Reduction of mistakes due to years of experience and use of diagnostic instruments

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In-house seminars
Inhouse-Seminar für Führung und Leadership & Verbesserung der Teamleistung

In-house seminars – Leadership seminars with a lasting effect

The aim of the ALEADON in-house seminars is the optimal preparation of the participants for challenging and changing leadership conditions. We show in detail how personal strengths can be identified and used effectively. Consequently, the management seminars not only serve the participants from leading functional areas, but also have a direct impact on teams and employees, as strength-oriented leadership sustainably increases both performance and motivation.

Benefits at a glance
Exclusive use of certified consultants
Use and application of profiles/evaluations of the personnel analyses for the participants
Increase in personnel and corporate management skills
Improving teamwork through holistic understanding
Increasing motivation of the participants

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Aleadon certification
ALEADON Zertifizierung im Besprechungsraum

ALEADON Digital Leadership Certification

In the certification workshops, the participants learn everything about leadership, personnel development and digital leadership as well as our online products and their value-adding use in your company or for your customers. Furthermore, they learn how to use ALEADON products and structured interviews to carry out professional potential diagnostics and/or management diagnostics. After successful certification, the participants receive a diploma.

Benefits at a glance
In-depth knowldege of personnel analysis
Training to carry out potential diagnostics/management diagnostics
Information about the holistic nature of all ALEADON online products
Understanding how to lead in-house seminars
Opportunities as a certified consultant