HR Management Besprechung von Personen vor Computer

Digital HR Management

Junger Mann im Personalauswahl Gespräch

Personnel selection

Frau erklärt an einem Flipchart Talentmanagement


Personalmotivation von mehreren Personen

Personnel motivation

Eignungsdiagnostik und individuelle Lösungen von ALEADON.

Individual solutions

People management solutions from ALEADON

Your digital people management from a single source

Digitalisation in people management serves the goal of standardising recurring, manual processes. The ALEADON People Management Tools support you in making your People work efficient and comprehensible. Bring your people management online and create new time slots for recruiting, talent management and People development. ALEADON online solutions convince through intuitive and user-friendly handling.

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Personnel Selection
Junger Mann im Personalauswahl Gespräch

People selection solution

Effective and successful recruiting is based on objective comparability of potential future employees. Personal preferences of the applicants play an equally important role as the neutral analysis of the interviews conducted. The ALEADON preference and interview analysis provide an excellent People management tool to provide objective comparability, incorporating candidates’ inclinations into the decision-making process.

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Talent management
Personen Besprechung Talentmanagement

Talent management

Your employees are the guarantors for the successful future of your company. Create the highest possible motivation and build on the strengths of your staff. Professionalise your talent and People management with ALEADON Online Solutions. Here, the preference analysis is available, which gives you valuable information about the inclinations of your colleagues. Likewise, modern talent management is characterised by a scientifically based competence analysis or feedback system. This gives your employees a detailed assessment of their supervisors and colleagues, selectable with and without self-assessment. Furthermore, you will learn which strengths your colleagues can offer and can be extremely helpful to your company.

Icon ALEADON Befragungssystem
Personnel motivation
Mehrere Personen Personalmotivation

People motivation solution

Motivated employees have a very high degree of identification with their company. This makes them more efficient and far more effective. ALEADON offers various people management tools to increase motivation and identify early needs for action. This provides an up-to-date picture of the company’s mood and the satisfaction of the employees via our free employee survey, or to create your own survey. Both the ALEADON preference analysis and the 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree feedback system have a decidedly motivating effect on your workforce, while ensuring that your employees value each other and support them in their development.

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Individual Solutions
Vorstellung individuelle Lösungen von ALEADON

Individual solutions

Your business has far more complex needs? That is not a problem! ALEADON has the right solution for you in this case as well. Our People management tools can be used flexibly so that your People management can act online according to your own needs. Let us convince you of our online solutions and request a free web presentation. Or participate in our free online webinars to use our products professionally for your customers.

Maybe you would like our trained consultants to support you? We offer management diagnostics according to customer requirements, as well as in-house seminars and certifications. More information? We look forward to hearing from you.

For whom?
Modern companies that have recognised digital people management as a forward-looking and sustainable competitive advantage
Entrepreneurs, people managers, people developers and coaches who want to promote people and build on their strengths
Employers who want to motivate their employees and develop their talents
People decision-makers and recruiters who want to make objective and sustainable people choices and avoid incorrect settings
Employees who use self-reflection to increase their own productivity and want to become successful
Managers who want to get an idea of the company's mood and the satisfaction of its employees
People developers who use neutral feedback systems and use them as a regular basis for their development programs
Benefits at a glance
Professional online People management tools from a single source, safe and user-friendly
Attractive prices allow the use of ALEADON solutions even by small and medium-sized companies
Location-independent use
People motivation through meaningful assessments
Holistic talent management through scientifically sound analysis methods
Objective candidate selection and employee support through tried-and-tested online solutions
Continuing people motivation by assigning activities in accordance with individual preferences and competences
Use of a professional feedback tool to sustainably strengthen your corporate culture
Individual employee support through professional online solutions
Professional e-recruitment through scientifically sound analysis methods
Reduce the risk and costs of hiring the wrong people.
Acceptance of all people involved in recruitment through comprehensible and verifiable decision-making processes
Minimise the impact of demographic change (skills shortage)