The qualification profile as the basis for hiring new staff

A qualification profile is an elementary and important instrument in the context of recruitment and selection. It includes all skills and abilities, as well as the knowledge of an applicant or an employee, which was acquired in the course of a professional career. A qualification profile is often used when filling a position in the company in order to select the best possible candidate.

A requirement profile summarizes those requirements that are necessary for the position or function. The qualification profile is compared with the requirement profile. The candidate with the qualification profile that best matches the requirement profile is the candidate who is best suited for the appointment.

There are four basic steps involved in creating a requirement profile:

 • Analysis of requirements that are necessary for the position.

 • Research whether the requirements are actually correct and are necessary.

 • Filtering criteria (mandatory criteria, target criteria, desired criteria).

• Formulation of the final requirement profile.

With its personnel management software, ALEADON offers a helpful tool to create both a qualification profile and a requirements profile in order to fill a vacancy with the best possible candidate.

The individual profile of our preference analysis gives you an insight into the personal inclinations and strengths of a candidate. Here you can choose whether the candidate can submit a self-assessment or not. With our requirement profile, which you create independently, you can query the preferences which are important and important for the position. You can then compare the individual profile with the requirement profile.

Similar to the preference analysis, you can determine the individual skills and competencies of a candidate with the individual profile of our competence analysis or with the ALEADON interview analysis for external applicants as part of the selection of personnel. You have the option to choose an existing requirement profile or to create your own template that queries the competencies that are necessary for the position to be filled.