Preference analysis task profile

Our ALEADON preference analysis task profile consists of a self-created template that reflects the most important preferences of a specific job or function defined by your company. You select typical elements of the job description and those elements will be matched by the ALEADON web portal automatically with preferences. After setting up the task profile you can compare the task profile with individual preference profiles. The result includes a comparison of preferences from the individual profiles with the task profile. You can use the preference analysis task profile for your recruiting process to match the preferences from candidates with the task profile created by you. This evaluation guarantees optimal comparability of candidates and represents a highly practical and at the same time extremely reliable tool for HR work as well as for the recruiting process.

Successful companies stand and fall with their employees, because good employees are the key to success, especially in a knowledge-based society. The right staffing and handling of personnel is an important component for satisfied employees and the progress of a company due to demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers. Particular attention is paid to personnel selection, performance management as well as teamwork.

In order to work with staff effectively, it is initially beneficial to know the preferences of the employees. The preference analysis task profile helps with the recruiting process. However, every single person has personal preferences that determine their thinking and behavioural patterns as well as their personal actions. If you know the preferences of your employees, you know the best team composition. Different tasks require different personalities and a strong team requires different preferences. In addition, if you know the preferences from individuals you understand the general motivation driver of your employees. The qualifications and experience of the staff of course also play a major role.

With our HR management portal, our preference analysis task profile and our potential analysis we help companies with leadership and people development.