Human resources management (HRM) as a factor of success

Human resources management (HRM) is usually abbreviated as “HR” management. It describes the personnel organization as well as the personnel administration in a company. The tasks of HR management include all areas related to the production factor of labor.

Designating employees as “resources” or “human capital” is often the focus of critical conceptual discussions. People are seen as a factor of production and put on a comparative level with machines. Despite digitalization and automation, people are still at the heart of a company in the 21st century; they are the key resource for the success of any business. Especially in times of a cumulative “struggle” for skilled workers, the awareness of companies about the value and importance of skilled workers is increasing. To be successful in human resources management (HRM) and to keep up with competition in the long term, it is important for all companies to have highly qualified, motivated and efficient employees.

In addition, the term human resources management (HRM) covers all measures for recruiting, retaining and sustaining employees. ALEADON offers solutions for HR management in these specific fields. With the ALEADON HR management portal, companies get digital Human resources management solutions from a single source.

It starts with the selection of personnel, followed by talent management or personnel development and finally the staff motivation.

In addition, leadership is also a part of Human Resources Management (HRM), where ALEADON can also support companies and offer in-house seminars on team building and leadership consulting. Using tried-and-tested management diagnostics possibilities such as the competence analysis or the preference analysis enables companies to develop their own talents and executives, thereby strengthening motivation and keeping good staff in the company. Furthermore, with the feedback system from ALEADON, personnel development can be carried out on a regular basis, even at a junior level, successfully and without a great deal of time. The 360 degree feedback as part of the Human Resources Management (HRM) web portal is available to customers in different variations, such as 90 degrees and 360 degrees to choose from online.