Holistic leadership – a modern leadership style

Holistic leadership means that executives take responsibility for the entire company in addition to their responsibility for personnel. This means that executives use exemplary leadership to make decisions that are in the interests of the company, while at the same time taking into account the implications for staff and other stakeholders. A leader is different from a manager who is focused on their area of ​​responsibility. A leader thinks and acts holistically.

The benefits of holistic leadership can be conveyed in leadership training by ALEADON. Awareness of senior managers can be achieved in the scope of the decisions regarding the staff and the company. The foundations of these holistic leadership seminars are, on one hand, an understanding of preferences and, on the other, recognizing competencies related to business management. The participants will be learn about different leadership styles and also the benefits of digital leadership.

Building on the understanding of different preferences and leadership situations, as well as the complexity of competencies, leaders should remain agile and constantly evolve through regular feedback, such as through ALEADON’s 360 degree feedback.

With the holistic leadership style, managers are broadly positioned to embrace the digital transformation, changing market conditions and customer behavior, transforming companies and entire industries, and changing the expectations of people of different ages.

ALEADON’s management diagnostics can identify leadership potential in relation to the challenges outlined above. This has the advantage that the board and the management of companies have a solid basis for staffing and personnel decisions to set up the company “fit for the future”. This means making clear recommendations for the suitability, skills and potential of managers.

This aptitude diagnostics can also create the basis for providing holistic leadership skills to enable targeted advancement of talent with or without managerial experience in the organization.