Feedback systems for personnel development

In professional language, the word feedback means that a particular behavior, impression, or execution is reactively conveyed. So a feedback on work performance, behaviors or the impression left.

In many companies, different types of feedback systems have developed culturally. Those who have and want to live a successful feedback culture in which constructive feedback produces a deliberate change will only achieve this if there is an open working atmosphere characterized by mutual trust. Therefore, regular feedback is extremely important. Feedback should therefore be distributed continuously throughout the year, so that current topics can be discussed and action alternatives can also be developed. This is how you focus on good personnel management and lasting motivation of your staff.

The feedback systems of the ALEADON HR management portal was developed in professional practice and provides the ideal basis for a goal-oriented and constructive assessment and personal discussion. It is also extremely effective and time-saving for all people involved through the online implementation. By creating your own templates, you can implement personnel development and assessment profiles according to your ideas and use each template as a 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree feedback systems variant.

90 degrees means that the evaluation is done exclusively by the supervisors of the feedback recipient. With this result, you form the basis for a personal interview and at the same time an indicator for training needs.

One of our feedback systems is the 180 degree feedback version. The assessment is done by the manager and with a self-assessment. This can be used, for example, as a basis for constructive feedback or as a stimulus for further education and training.

Another version of feedback systems is the 270 degree feedback variant, the evaluation is done by the manager and others, but without a self-assessment. This creates a solid picture of the employee based on the external assessments of his professional environment.

Based on the 270 degree variant, the ALEADON 360 degree feedback systems offer a systematic comparison of self-image and external image, which serves as the basis for feedback discussions, personnel appraisal interviews and personal development.

Turn your business into a workplace where dedication to your employees is rewarded every day and benefit from the satisfaction of your employees. Test our employee development software such as the 360 degree feedback or other variants.