Electronic recruiting – part of digital personnel management

Electronic recruiting is mostly known as e-recruiting and is the digital method of personnel management for recruiting.

Electronic recruiting covers the entire value chain, from the search for potential candidates to the selection of personnel and the communication and administration of the entire application process. Electronic recruiting involves all stakeholders equally, not just the applicants and HR managers, but also supervisors and decision-makers from the departments looking to hire new staff.

The job applications can simply be submitted in a digital and uncomplicated way. Therefore, the number of applicants is usually increased and there is a greater choice of personnel. By digitally submitting and processing applications, the editing process is faster than when processing applications in paper form. The classic applications are far from extinct but are rather rare today. The future is digital and definitely in electronic recruiting, as the experts agree. In today’s world, it’s natural to do everything online and always be mobile. Here, the application process is no exception. In addition, the image of a company can be enhanced by a modern application process.

ALEADON’s HR management portal has focused on the areas of personnel selection, human resources development and staff motivation.

When selecting employees for companies, our potential analyses provide you with the optimum online tools. Both our interview analysis as well as our preference analysis and our interview comparison profile facilitate the complete application process of electronic recruiting.

The ALEADON preference analysis shows you the personal preferences of the participants through a selection of different question categories. You will receive an evaluation with the personal inclinations of a potential employee. The classification of preferences is based on scientific findings of psychology, business education and sociology.

The ALEADON interview analysis is the specialized software for your recruiting process. The software supports you in the recruitment process and helps you to find the ideal candidate on the basis of the respective competence and requirement profile. You can optimally make fundamental personnel decisions and hiring, thus reduce the company turnover. In addition, you can also use our interview comparison profile to select the ideal candidate from different applicants.