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Survey to measure employee satisfaction

Valuable insights to strengthen employee satisfaction

A survey to measure employee satisfaction, or an employee survey, basically reveals valuable insights that advance a company in a variety of ways. The more simply the employee survey is conducted, the higher the acceptance of the employees and their willingness to participate. In times of digital short messages and emoticons, a timely tool for an in-house survey thus offers itself. ALEADON has picked up on this trend and created a user-friendly survey that provides clear and quick meaningful results.

Existing template for measuring staff satisfaction or self-made survey

When using the ALEADON online solution for the Employee Satisfaction Survey, you can conduct a survey with little effort using 35 exclusive statements already stored in the system. Afterwards, you will receive a detailed overview of the employee satisfaction and the commitment of the employees employed in your company. In addition, the ALEADON survey uses a smiley selection to provide you with an easy way to create your own questions and to tailor them to relevant topics. So, it is entirely up to you what information the survey is to provide you with.

Benefits at a glance
You can carry out both an overall evaluation and a team evaluation to measure staff satisfaction through the ALEADON survey system. Team evaluation is possible with a minimum of five participants.
Due to the clear composition, the user-friendly structure and the very attractive price of the ALEADON survey, its use is also recommended for small or medium-sized companies. The results have been proven many times in practical implementations.
You have the opportunity to obtain meaningful information about the commitment or engagement scores of your company through the survey. This information is used to measure employee satisfaction as well as your staff's level of willingness to leave the company.
It stands out for being user friendly and self-explanatory in its use. So you can easily create a professional survey to measure staff satisfaction or individual surveys without spending a lot of time.

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