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Employee survey

Feedback, transparency and motivation through the staff survey

Depending on the area of application, the ALEADON employee survey, or rather, our survey system pursues different objectives. Therefore, it can serve the purpose of carrying out a general analysis of employee satisfaction. It is also possible to use the survey as valuable support for your ideas and innovation management or to visibly highlight the strengths and areas of improvement needed within the company. The survey has a motivating effect on the participants and strengthens the corporate culture, however it is used.

ALEADON – Employee survey: The in-house early warning system

The ALEADON employee survey is an extremely useful tool for maintaining employee morale and employee satisfaction in targeted selected topic areas. The survey continues to be able to determine the degree of identification with the employee’s own work and with the company. Therefore, it is an effective diagnostic tool to identify the need for action at an early stage. Based on the results, employee-oriented solutions can be developed and implemented as well as company improvement processes.

Survey system with full anonymity and validity

The possibility of an anonymous employee survey contributes to open and uninfluenced feedback, therefore strengthening a transparent corporate culture without the employees having to fear negative consequences. At the same time, if the survey is carried out at regular intervals as a follow-up survey, it can also serve as a meaningful instrument for monitoring success. Modern companies are justifiably proud of their position as progressive and employee-friendly organisations who conduct staff surveys.

Simple & practical

We offer our employee survey in different versions. Use our standard template or create your own survey in a few simple steps.

More information
Frau mit Brille seitlich lächelnd repräsentativ für die Varianten der Mitarbeiterbefragung von ALEADON
Template with 35 exclusive statements to evaluate the satisfaction and commitment of employees based on a selection of smileys. This form of the employee survey is characterised by its ease of use and unlimited validity. Use the standard template or create your own survey template according to the relevant subject area.
Benefits at a glance
Your employees will be motivated by their participation in the survey and will also provide valuable input on business issues.
Template for recording motivation as a fluctuation indicator
Create your own survey in a few easy steps
Team evaluations available from numbers of 5 participants upwards
Easy to use
100% data protection and data security