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Digital people management from a single source

We offer online solutions for modern people management, tailor-made tools for people selection, people motivation, people development and talent management. And all this from a single source, because we consider digitisation and modern people management as our mission.

Digital HR management, leadership and people development – that’s what ALEADON stands for

A key factor in the success of your business is your staff and leadership. Therefore, good and professional people management is a very important part of the strategic alignment of the company.

The main tasks of HR management include the selection of the right workforce, finding their best possible field of activity, and promoting them according to their inclinations and competences. In addition, one of the tasks of people management is the sustained strengthening of employee satisfaction, as this is closely linked to the productivity of the employees.

Perfect people management with the online applications of ALEADON

The ALEADON People Management Portal offers you all services for a professional HR management. Digitize your recruitment and promote your HR management to a future-oriented standard.

Strengthen your corporate culture and motivate your employees for the best possible service provision with the ALEADON tools for perfect people management.

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People selection
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People selection

Professionalise your recruitment and recruiting staff with ALEADON’s e-recruitment tools

ALEADON offers you extensive tools for professional e-recruitment. With our preference and interview analyses, you receive a meaningful picture of your internal or external applicants and can objectively compare them with the corresponding requirement profile. How to professionalise your staff recruitment and fill vacant positions with the best possible candidates.

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People development
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People development

The ALEADON People Management Portal for Modern People Development

AEADON offers you a professional talent management system based on the skills and preferences of your employees. Let the individual strengths as well as the improvement potentials of your employees be scientifically founded. Take targeted advantage of the competencies and address the potential for improvement through support measures as needed. Experience the user-friendly ALEADON Feedback System for a standardised complete solution for your people and organisational development.

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People motivation
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People motivation

Digital people management for an outstanding corporate culture

ALEADON software enables you to motivate your employees by revealing their strengths and targeting optimisation areas. Rely exclusively on science to find out which personal inclinations really motivate your employees to attain their best achievements and capture the mood of your company through the application-friendly and online survey system of ALEADON.

ALEADON features several tools to increase employee motivation from a single source.

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HR Solutions
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ALEADON services offer individual solutions for individual customers

The online portal of ALEADON covers the field of professional people management. But beyond the digital realm, our customers also find extraordinary services at ALEADON to professionalise their HR work. Thus, we offer not only in-house seminars in the field of leadership, but also services in the field of aptitude diagnostics of existing staff or applicants. In addition, we certify coaches and trainers in the field of application of our products and aptitude diagnostics.

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Our target groups
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Our web portal and software solutions were designed exclusively for business customers. All ALEADON online products and services can be used regardless of the industry and size of the company.
To employ competent people and have them work towards their strengths is the key to the success of modern companies. Our web portal helps you select the right people for your company, make the best possible use of them and further develop them while sustainably motivating them and reducing turnover.

Use our web portal with your corporate design and test each product once for free!

Optimize your daily work with the use of our online solutions for people selection and deployment. Use our feedback system for efficient and system-supported people development and assessment while standardising your HR processes. Conduct online surveys independently and use the results to increase employee motivation.

Use our web portal with your corporate design and test each product once for free!

Offer your customers sustainable added value through our well-founded people analyses. The preference and interview analyses help you in making recruiting processes more efficient and objective. Evaluations are immediately available online and can, if desired, show your logo or company name.

Use our web portal and test each product once for free!

Our web portal offers products that provide you and your customers with lasting added value. Our preference and competence analyses help you in coaching people more intensively based on their inclinations and competences, as well as to use them more purposefully. ALEADON people analyses are also suitable for individual coaching, training and management diagnostics. Evaluations are immediately available online and can, if desired, show your logo or company name.

Use our web portal and test each product once for free!

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