Ein Team aus fünf Personen, dass sich gegenseitig in die Hände klatscht.

Why are the competencies of your team also the key to your success?

Why are the competencies of your team also the key to your success?

Would you like to lead a strong team and make the most of your team’s potential and know-how? Identify individual competencies that your team possesses in order to achieve sustainable success together.

Each team member not only has different personal preferences, but also specific competencies. In daily practice we will then talk about existing or learned skills and knowledge which are needed to master challenges in the professional environment as well as in everyday life.

Each person’s competence to act is made up of different expressions of the four basic competences: professional competence; methodological competence; personality competence and social competence. Each team member therefore has particular strengths which, if used correctly, make a valuable contribution to the success of the entire team.

But how do you recognise these competencies?

Many methods have already been developed to determine competencies. These systems are usually based on a combination of self-assessments and external assessments of the person who wishes to have their competencies determined.

Time-consuming and costly procedures such as assessment centres try to make an external assessment via an observation phase. Such external assessment refers only to a relatively short period and a test situation that is artificially brought about, which often proves to be a disadvantage.

The ALEADON competence analysis practices a different approach. It is a practice-oriented procedure for determining individual subject-specific and interdisciplinary competences and reflects the actual working environment in the assessment of skills. Particularly important are qualified evaluations of colleagues at work, superiors and other people from daily professional life such as business partners and customers. This group of people has an enormous wealth of knowledge that is professionally taken into account in our methodology.

The competence analysis is carried out online and can therefore be used by people at different locations and at different times, which clearly proves to be very advantageous. Furthermore, the ALEADON competence analysis avoids artificial test situations and enables competent external assessments. Last but not least, it is of great advantage that the ALEADON competence analysis can be applied cost-effectively in day-to-day operations. Small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, benefit from this as they often shy away from the high costs of personnel development measures.

The aim of the ALEADON Competence Analysis is to discover personal strengths and to highlight development potential. With the help of the online-based analysis a meaningful competence profile is created, whereby the self-assessment and the external assessments are compared with each other. Our competence analysis is particularly suitable for promoting the personal development of individual team members and providing targeted support for appropriate talent programs. Based on the results, management training and various training measures can be planned and organised. In addition, this analysis also provides a basis for the effective distribution of tasks and competencies within the team.

If you want to know where the strengths of your team and the individual team players lie and which basic competencies distinguish you as a leader, then contact ALEADON for free and test our Online-Analysis such as ALEADON Preference Analysis or ALEADON Competence Analysis. For your personnel development we offer the ALEADON feedback system and for a specific survey the ALEADON survey system. You can also benefit from our experience with potential analyses, customer-specific inhouse seminars and our ALEADON certification. We look forward to hearing from you.