Verschiedene Mitarbeiter eines Unternehmens.

Our survey system will enable you to setup
online questionnaires

Survey system

Nowadays, direct online surveys prove instrumental to capture information about improvement potential and employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction does not only exert a notable influence on the surrounding management and corporate culture, but also determines the company’s success. Poor or no motivation not only leads to “internal resignation” and lowers employee performance, but will also have long-term effects on the company’s results.

Our survey system helps companies or organizations to conduct quick and uncomplicated professional surveys. The standard template contains 25 questions that can be used to launch an employee survey in short time. Furthermore, customers can also create their own templates for different surveys in a straightforward manner. With the default survey template customers can immediately gauge employee satisfaction across the organization, in individual departments or business units. Furthermore, survey system results can be leveraged to implement targeted measures, for example, to improve employee satisfaction or for process optimization purposes.

Data security:

For us data security and protection are a sign of quality; accordingly, all information is stored on servers in Germany, and treated pursuant to the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU GDPR).

Survey System

Benefits of our survey system:

√  Standard template with 25 questions to measure employee satisfaction

√  Custom templates

√  Comment fields to store improvement suggestions

√  Anonymous data processing and digital archiving

√  Results report as a PDF document per department and company