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Potential diagnostics:

Demands on the management ranks have grown unabated in recent years. Leaders must manage increasingly complex work processes – often in an international environment – and make many-faceted decisions on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, managing such complex tasks requires a highly motivated and committed workforce.

With our potential diagnostics we determine people’s degree of suitability for key functions such as Managing Director, Finance Director, or Manager / Head of Department. To achieve this, we rely on our online tools and perform fully structured interviews.

In-house seminars:

In our in-house seminars we prepare participants for challenging and changing leadership conditions in the best possible way. We indicate how to identify personal strengths and use them effectively.


Participants in our certification workshops become utterly familiar with our product range, understanding its use to deliver corporate or customer value. After successful certification, participants will be included in our database as certified consultants and thus entitled to offer our online products independently and arrange any available seminars. Furthermore, participants will learn how to carry out professional potential diagnostics with the help of our products and structured interviews.


Use our potential diagnostics for your managers:

 Apply our proven aptitude diagnostic products

 Professional interviews by experienced managers

 Detailed results presentation

 Clear recruiting recommendations

 Leverage our extended experience to avoid costly errors


Ein Team aus fünf Personen, dass sich gegenseitig in die Hände klatscht.

We offer exclusive management seminars:

 Seminar 1: Strength-based leadership

 Seminar 2: Team leadership

 Seminar 3: Leadership – a question of perspective



Get certified and enjoy the following benefits:

 Gain in-depth knowledge on the use of personnel analysis

 Train to carry out potential diagnostics

 Expand your knowledge about the use of all online products

 Gain knowledge about in-house seminars

 Understand range of opportunities as a certified consultant