Die Analyseinstrumente der German-Leadership Academy, um mehr über ihre individuellen Präferenzen und Kompetenzen zu erfahren.

Our analyses will help you to assign people to tasks
according to their strengths

People analyses

Our people analyses have been built as online products with a particular focus on aptitude diagnostics and personnel development, as well as on teamwork optimisation. They are suitable for customers worldwide in any industry. Moreover, people analyses can be used for workforce planning and recruiting purposes. Our customers include corporate human resource managers , as well as consultants or trainers engaged in coaching and people development and management activities.

Preference analysis answers the question  »»» What does a person prefer?

The insights and benefits of preference analysis lies in seeing individual preferences weighted graphically within the four basic preferences. With this visualization we can easily infer, how miscellaneous personal preferences complement each other to support successful teamwork and help people work with their strengths. Preference analysis also helps to understand, why disputes repeatedly arise in certain teams e.g. from conflicting preferences of individuals, such as the will to assert and the will to implement. Furthermore, preference analysis enables to clarify, why interpersonal communication changes from straightforward to extremely awkward as a result of conflicting preferences. This could be the case for example, if one person favours a predominantly task-oriented approach, whereas the other one relies heavily on relationships to complete the tasks assigned.

Competences analysis answers the question »»» What skills can a person offer?

The online evaluation of individual profiles in competence analysis (screenshot below) provides invaluable insights into skills as well as competences and identifies personal strengths and competence gaps. Based on this evaluation we can uncover suitable tools and methods to compensate for or improve less developed skills. By presenting the comparison of self-assessment and external assessment, competence analysis pursues a holistic approach and allows an unbiased review of a person’s own competences. What is more, the solution provides training guidance to improve competences in professional, methodological, personal and social areas.

Data security:

For us, data security and protection are a sign of quality; accordingly, all information is stored on servers in Germany, and treated pursuant to the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU GDPR).

Preference Analysis

Take advantage of our preference analysis:

√  Strength-based people deployment

√ Boost team performance

 Career guidance

√ Cater to individual preferences to increase motivation

√ Conflict resolution

Competence Analysis

Take advantage of our competence analysis:

√ Presentation of different competencies

√ Identification of competence gaps

√ Comparison of competences as self-perception and external perception

√ Identification of team competences

√ Identification of team competence gaps