Our potential diagnostic approach will help you with your team performance

How staff potentials can be discovered and team strength determined!

To find the right managers with the right potentials is an existential task of the management of every company. To promote staff through individual development programmes for personnel and, in doing so, to commit them to the company in the long term. Because it is precisely these people, who manage your employees every day and help shape the success story of your company. But who is best suited for your vacancies? And how do you find this out?

ALEADON’s potential diagnostics are famous for their holistic approach and a complex attempt to determine suitability for a particular task. Our method focuses on the individual with his or her skills, preferences and motivations. The advantage of our potential diagnostics is that it focuses on the task profile you have defined, which in turn quickly leads to meaningful results.

Unlike one-dimensional methods such as the assessment centre, where work is performed in an artificially created test environment, the potential diagnostics of ALEADON consist of various practice-oriented method modules. Our methodology is based on the results obtained in ALEADON’s preference analysis and ALEADON’s competence analysis, which describe which way of thinking and behaviour a person prefers and which skills they possess. In addition, our experienced consultants conduct individual expert interviews both with the person whose potential is to be determined and with an exclusive group of people from the working environment. Then the personal goals, motivations and values are analysed and compared with the desired requirement profile.

Just as with competitive sports, it is also of decisive importance to appoint the right people in your organisation for existing and future areas of responsibility correctly. Which football team coach would place a talented midfielder as a goalkeeper and move a talented defender to be a forward?

In order to sustainably increase team success, you must deploy your team in a manner that is orientated towards strength, i.e. according to skills (competencies) and preferences. Without knowledge of the preferences and competencies of individual team members, you cannot use the existing individual potentials. Just think of the old proverb that has so often come true in history: Only those who are good at something and like doing it will be successful.

Our personal goals, motivations and values play a central role in identifying potential. In top-class sport, as in any company, there must be a common basis of values. This helps to develop collective strategies to achieve the defined goals, and at the same time, it forms the basis for individual action.

And what motivation is there in your team?

One of the best-known motivators is money. This is an extrinsic motivator that is usually not a long-term inspiration or means of motivation. Intrinsic factors such as recognition, employee satisfaction and work-life balance are constantly growing in importance.

These different factors must therefore also be taken into account in modern potential diagnostics. ALEADON’s potential diagnostics are a tried and tested procedure that determines individual preferences, competencies, goals, values and motivators holistically. Diagnostics are carried out exclusively by our experienced consultants.

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