With the 360 degree feedback discussion to sustainably efficient development of personnel!

Many companies already use feedback discussions as an instrument for the successful development of personnel.

Most employee appraisals take place as 90 degree feedback in the form of an appraisal interview by superiors. The recipient of the feedback can gain new impulses and receive direct indications of his or her own strengths and weaknesses, but from a mostly limited assessment perspective.

For this reason, it is advisable to include other groups of people from the working environment in the assessment to be able to assess a person’s abilities and potentials comprehensively. In addition to their superiors, these are often colleagues as well as employees and business partners. This group of people can evaluate and assess the competencies of the feedback recipient from different perspectives.

The result is an external assessment which, together with the self-assessment of the feedback recipient results in the 360 degree feedback. By comparing one’s own self-image with that of others, a comprehensive self-reflection is made possible. Professionally designed, the multi-perspective angle of a 360 degree feedback leads to an objective assessment and can be used for the sustainable development of personnel.

How efficient is 360 degree feedback in practice?

360 degree feedback often leads to discussions among HR managers. While a large number value the holistic approach, the methodology is rejected in practice because of its high additional effort when collecting and evaluating data.

However, those responsible agree on an IT-supported feedback system: An efficient feedback system is characterised by a clearly structured process and, at the same time, offers possibilities for comments to increase performance, as well as to build up competence. In addition, the assessment process should be possible without great technical effort, and feedback must be carried out within minutes.

Our ALEADON feedback system

ALEADON has developed a feedback system to facilitate feedback data collection and data evaluation and to enable a professional feedback system not only for large but also for small and medium-sized enterprises. Each organisation has the opportunity to decide for itself what level of feedback it wishes to receive.

With our online system, you can create the 90 degree (supervisor), 180 degree (supervisor and self-assessment), 270 degree (supervisor and others without self-assessment) or 360 degree (multiple people, supervisor and self-assessment) feedback safely and professionally in your organisation without time-consuming activities such as creating questionnaires, endless appointments and the manual processing of results.

All feedback participants submit their assessments using structured online question categories. Our server guarantees 100% anonymous evaluation of the data. Data protection and data security distinguish ALEADON.

The results of our feedback process show clearly and in detail what strengths a person has and in which areas there is still potential for development. Qualified comments within the assessments provide the person receiving the feedback with valuable recommendations for action, which are carried over into the next feedback period. This ensures a continuous approach by which the actual development of the person receiving feedback can be measured objectively.

Our team of experts will be happy to help you professionalise the development of your personnel. In addition, our personnel analyses such as ALEADON’s competence analysis or ALEADON’s preference analysis are available online. In addition, we offer professional personnel diagnostics, in-house seminars and an ALEADON certification.


Benefit from our experience and save yourself valuable time with our system. We look forward to hearing from you.