Systeme zur Personalentwicklung

Our feedback system will support you to develop
your team members

People development

People development is the cornerstone of business success, and will probably have a major impact on organisational performance in the future, despite digitisation. Companies can gain a decisive competitive advantages by retaining their “top minds” over a long period, employ them according to their strengths whilst seeking their further, targeted development.

The workforce’s loyalty to the company is largely determined by corporate and management culture. A management culture with a strong personnel development focus is a proven motivator for the company’s workforce. Therefore, organisations must establish ongoing processes of people development and an open feedback culture.

Our feedback system offers you all options!

As a supplement to our online people analyses, we present our proven, online feedback system with the following configurations to implement a professional people development process:

-►  90-degree feedback (external perception by superior)

-► 180-degree feedback (self-perception and external perception by superior)

-► 270-degree feedback (external perception by several people)

-► 360-degree feedback (self-perception and external perception by several people)

Our online feedback system allows companies and organisations of any size to conduct people development programs in a professional and digital manner. Each feedback system result is generated as a PDF document, and can be used, for example, as the basis for an employee appraisal.

Data security:

For us, data security and protection are a sign of quality; accordingly, all information is stored on servers in Germany, and treated pursuant to the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (EU GDPR).

Feedback system


Benefit from our feedback system for people development:

√ Online standard templates with different feedback configurations

√ Option to create your own templates

√ Input with comment field to convey improvement instructions

√ Anonymous data processing and digital archiving

√ Feedback logs as a PDF document for performance reviews