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Change in personnel work through digital revolution!

Change in personnel work through digital revolution!

How we communicate with each other is steadily changing the way we work together and do business due to the digital revolution. In this way, life is changing on a social, political and economic level. Due to digitisation and the goal of continuing to be competitive, companies are under massive pressure to modernise. The work processes in a modern company have to increase in speed and become more flexible in order to keep up with the increased complexity of the global economy. In doing so, the digital revolution holds great potential, and you should use digitisation as an opportunity for your company to meet these challenges. Companies can digitise important sub-processes and relieve employees in their routine work. This allows your staff to focus on the core tasks in your business. Most companies are not yet forward-looking in their development of an own digitisation strategy. Small and medium-sized companies, in particular, gain and benefit from great development potential if they use the advantages software-based systems offer them for their business goals.

Human resource management in a changing world Although many companies are already using digitisation strategies within production under the heading Industry 4.0, however, in other areas such as HR management, the development of software solutions is only being developed hesitantly. In doing so, human resource management (HRM) is also undergoing profound change and requires strategic realignment. Not only is the recruiting of qualified personnel shifting significantly more towards the Internet, but also HR and HR development should use and implement technical aids for themselves to add value. By contrast, personnel work using paper is still predominant. Not only personnel files, but also feedback documentation and employee surveys are still often carried out manually and archived in analogue files or digitised later on with a great deal of effort. A lot of time, work and additional effort are allocated for this, while digital solutions for many work processes are already on offer. The use of modern IT applications can create a high value-added potential in the HR sector if HR managers are willing to restructure their processes and take advantage of online applications.

Online software by ALEADON Our online tools help analyse your company’s needs. The result shows that especially the linking of data, analysing and graphically processing them, is a strength of software-based solutions and can greatly reduce the workload of personnel. Use our online tools to save time for your own employees instead of having to do work that our developed system can do for you in a matter of seconds. Building on this knowledge, ALEADON has developed online tools that help structure and efficiently develop personnel work in companies. In addition to personnel analyses, which determine the preferences and competencies of persons and entire teams, our feedback and people development system offers you the possibility of introducing feedback processes with meaningful result logs into your personnel work without wasting an enormous amount of time. Another tool is our employee survey system, because the satisfaction of personnel not only has a great influence on practised management and corporate culture, but also influences the company’s success. Lack of motivation not only leads to “internal resignation” and lowers personnel performance, but also has long-term effects on the company’s results. You can define concrete work goals with your employees and increase motivation and commitment. In addition, with the help of the survey system, you can measure satisfaction in your company and carry out employee surveys efficiently. All ALEADON products can easily be carried out online with a few clicks. This allows you to apply the same procedures and establish common standards at different locations. The products of ALEADON provide you with facts and basics, with which you can establish professional HR management in your company.

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