People development

An improvement of your personnel work in four steps!

Impeccable personnel work can be implemented in any company if you follow simple steps. First and foremost, every company wants to increase its productivity. Today, productivity starts in the minds of the staff, so it is essential that you find out whether your employees have the necessary knowledge to be able to work productively in the field they are working in.

Determination of the knowledge of the employees

First, get an overview of how you are positioned in relevant areas of knowledge. As an online tool, ALEADON offers you the opportunity to analyze the skills and knowledge of your personnel. In this way you can reveal the potential of your team and use the members of your team according to their preferences.

Positive further development and innovation

Nowadays, technology and knowledge change extremely quickly. You should encourage and motivate your employees in their personal development so that they can close knowledge gaps and exploit the development potential in your team. In this way, your employees will actively contribute their own strengths and ideas. Above all, explore common quality standards and set goals for your team. You can do this with our online tool from ALEADON. This not only promotes the bond between your company and your employees, but also helps to strengthen togetherness and bring forward the best inspirations, independent of hierarchies. The motivation in a team is increased by jointly set goals. This increases the personal responsibility and motivation of your employees.

Strengthen the exchange

In today’s networked economy, lone warriors are more distant from current developments and trends than well-functioning teams. Therefore, consciously promote social skills, cooperation and communication in your company! This process often begins with a targeted revival of corporate culture. The exchange of suggestions and feedback can be part of the normal process in any team and become a matter of course. The ALEADON feedback system can be used digitally and at any location. It enables you to obtain feedback on an employee from different people in a simple and uncomplicated process. By using ALEADON’s feedback system, you receive a detailed protocol of the results, which show strengths and weaknesses and get to know the development potential of the person receiving the feedback. In deviation analysis, you also receive the information that compares the self-image of the feedback recipient with the external image of the feedback provider. The feedback providers also support the development process of their employees with their comments and suggestions for improvement. The ALEADON Feedback system helps you to structure your feedback processes in an orderly and efficient way. This gives you more time for personnel work and other business activities.

Adaptation of your management style!

A change in corporate culture always entails a change in management behaviour. In times of highly specialised work areas, employees have more knowledge of their work processes than their superiors. In such cases, managers need moderating skills and should offer guidance and support, rather than cast iron instructions. The employee survey has proven to be a helpful tool and increases the satisfaction and motivation of your employees to a high degree. The ALEADON survey system helps you to find out with a few clicks how satisfied and motivated your employees are and in which areas your company can improve. The ALEADON survey system is particularly practice-oriented in its application and uses a simple smiley scale to determine the mood and well-being of your staff in your company. In this way you receive important impulses from your employees and also increase the motivation and thus also the performance of your employees in the workplace.

Use the four possibilities described now, that our online ALEADON tools offer you, in order to motivate and strengthen your personnel for the future. We are happy to support you in developing your personnel management successfully and efficiently. Benefit from our knowledge and experience and find out online now. We look forward to hearing from you.